Problem with adding new helmets

  • So I managed to add a new helmet following the tutorial on the TBS wiki, however this only seems to work when its the only helmet in there

    I want to keep all chiv helmets and replace one, so I did but ingame it doesnt work, the old helmet still gets loaded in instead of my new skeletal mesh

    When i remove all helmets and use the helmets.empty then it works but thats because its the only helmet it can load

    I cant get this to work no matter what, i replace the skeletal mesh, the static mesh and it still loads the old helmet

    the character info is getting called so no problem there i think

    Hoping for an answer from TBS on this one because i cant figure it out, please help :/

    Also, how would one go about adding completely new helmets that show up in the customization menu?

    thanks in advance

  • I have another problem, is there an easy way to add more weapon slots in the weapon selection menu? or do i have to modify the hud?

  • I question the logic of these subtle probing questions tbh. Are you intending to do this in mercs? I’d suggest you send TB
    lots of money for the info they hold back. What ever next .? ranking up in mercs?

  • new custom helmets 4 mercs if must really know

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