A new sword for the knight (Details inside)

  • Well i found myself playing LTS on frigid against some high level players.
    I was using the sword of war as it was fast but needed some extra damage against groups so i used the longsword instead but then i found that to be too slow. Imo we need a new sword which is in between long sword and sword of war in terms of dmg and speed. Now you may suggest a one handed longsword or messer as a substitute but that’s just not the same thing.

  • You should work around the class and weapon limitations.

  • messer?
    1h LS?
    1h SoW?
    1h messer?

  • The Longsword being so slow is an advantage. You can force it to accel at lightspeed or you can pull off some pretty crazy stab, lmb, and overhead drags with enough experience. Or you can be nub and use messer. Either one.

  • Messer is the longsword and SoW combined. It does everything you need it to do. Longsword is garbage in 1vs2+, SoW is better but has weaker drags. Messer is just good at everything. Rather, it isn’t that messer is good at everything, it’s that everything else sucks.

  • Stab stab stab. Or rather stab overhead combos chucking in a few feints and delaying your overheads every now and again. SOW is slow enough for that.

  • just use the messer you can trade on vanilla, well easy. After blocking an attack just riposte lmb and do a 360, watch urself trade their entire team

    no point using longsword or sow unless you are really good at blocking/the game, and aren’t going to fall for normal attacks, longsword just dosent do enough damage and sow wont help you when you got 15 noobs attacking you unless you have basic blocking & riposte switching skills

  • If anything, knight has one sword too many - there weren’t enough unique attributes to spread around 3 swords, so we ended up with “balanced” mediocre LS, too fast SOW and too damaging Messer.

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