<<HELP>>> Map Rotation Stuck and then rotation continues after server reboot.

  • Ok I have several issues some that I have posted before. One is that I am still getting some maps that stick at rotation. Everyone gets the loading screen but the server is still stuck on the last map. The only pattern to this seems to be 20th map in rotation gets stuck so it doesnt matter if it is a custom or default map but the 20th slot seems to get stuck. Is there any INI settings that can solve this problem?

    The second issue I have is that the server rotation continues after a reboot. Shouldn’t a server reboot, restart the map rotation from the beginning? Seriously, what gives? Are there any INI settings that can change this or is it supposed to save the last map and continue? If so where is this log file and can it be deleted or cleaned?

    HELP so tired of having a busy server only to have it emptied when the server locks up. I have a work around in that when I know the map isnt loading I exit out of chiv and change the map using Chiv Rcon Tool or to restart Chiv, join the server, log in as admin and manually change the map. But by that time half the players have left.


  • I would have thought a server reboot would start on whatever map was set to launch from the command line, then begin parsing the maplist after that.

    When you say 20th - is this the 20th map on a maplist or the 20th map to be played e.g. if you have 5 maps on maplist, does the server rotate through them 4 times before going wrong?

    I’ve not come across that particular issue with the map stalling before though

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