Javelin unlocks not unlocking for me

  • This is frustrating; all of my other unlocks are slowly counting down when I kill, but the javelin refuses to, just sticking on 25 for the first unlock regardless of how often I use/kill with the primary one. I’m in official servers with lots of players and like I said, the other weapons are working fine when I switch to them and count down.

    Other people said it’s working for them, so unless they’re just teasing I’ve no idea why mine aren’t. Little help? As far as I know mine has never worked, even in beta (but I think back then they weren’t available).

  • It’s because for some odd strange reason, kills you achieve by throwing the javelin do not count towards your unlock progress. The only way to progress is to get javelin melee kills. It’s not impossible, but it’s extremely absurd. I imagine it’s a bug.

  • Thanks for the info; yes, must be a bug because throwing is surely the best use of that weapon. For now it makes the class even trickier (I wasn’t a fan of the nerf they got)!

  • yeah please fix this, i love javs but being forced to melee for the unlocks? i think its hotfix worthy

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