Potential knock back change

  • What if different classes had different resistance to knock back.

    Very similar to classes having different damage resistance.

    For Example:
    Archer could have 0% resistance, because they are the lightest class.
    MAA could have 15% resistance.
    Vanguard could have 25% resistance.
    Knight could have 35% resistance.

    This makes sense because if you are heavier you should be pushed back less.

    Also, it will help with staying in effective range as a knight, because many vanguard weapons have too much knockback for knight to do anything.

    Perhaps there could also be some sprint lockout modifications. Such as weapons with more knockback cause more sprint lock out.
    So if i get hit by a maul, I lose all momentum and can’t sprint for a small while, but if i get hit by a norse it hardly slows me down.
    This would be exagerated by the knockback resistance as well, so a maa would slow more from a hit with a norse than a knight would.

  • the game is done since 2013, if you want to change the gameplay join the mercs balance council

    and ya i agree too many times have i been knocked back outside riposte range, forcing me to miss and lose a lot of stamina from missing + having to CFTP to defend the inevitable counter attack as a knight

  • Well I was just curious if anyone thought this idea made sense.

    Seems like it should be a characteristic of each class, just another trade-off for being light and fast vs heavy and slow.

  • a heavier class shouldnt fly as far from knockback its pretty logical but we are dealing with chivalry :P

  • well thanks for replying anyway! :)

  • @FartTender:

    What if different classes had different resistance to knock back.

    As mentioned above, the devs abandoned their plan to finish balancing the game (“battle for balance”).

    Knockback was fine from release day up through summer 2013, when unknown people on the dev team began fiddling and fidgeting and tampering around with literally every last mechanic in the game from healing to run speed to collision distance to, yes, knockback. After permanently disfiguring the game, and leaving it in its current state, a simple parry can now jettison you 8 feet into the air. Looks ridiculous and plays even worse. Riposte? What’s that?

    Oh well. At least we have the memories :pride:

    And at least they reverted a decent portion of their changes a few months after the fact. It was funny how excited everyone was to get “updates” that restored original values and features of the game as it was released, like CFTP and removal of “panic parry”. But I digress.

  • what id give to play chiv + again

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