Graphic settings: how to improve view distance?

  • I have set most graphic setting to low (I do this in most MP games) but I have noticed I have lost distance, how far I can see. I can see somebody, but it is hard to find out on which team he is. This was only problem when I have played archer, but I would like to play him (ranged was my main class in warband MP). So I would like to ask, what are the video settings, which would improved the view distance and how clear I see on longer distance?

  • If your graphics are at high quality, and you set the screen resolution to what the resolution on your computer is, it will give you the clearest viewings of your opponent.

  • And if your on low quality you really can’t do much about it sadly… Maybe the devs could add something for viewing distance like minecraft has.

  • The thing is, that I can run it with almost everyting on high, but my FPS is not good enough, so I would like to increase only some graphic settings, but I don’t know which I should increase.

  • Make sure the resolution is as good as you can make it, and the game quality is as high as your computer can handle. None of the other settings effect it that I could tell.

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