Chivalry Community Brabble #3

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    Mmmmm. What’s that cooking? Is it a fresh batch of tasty morsels from the Chivalry community? Why yes m’Lord, methinks it is! In this week’s Community Brabble: derpings, piercings, type killings and more.

    Derpy McDerp, Soldier of Misfortune

    No, my lord… please God no. The saddest/greatest thing about this derpie Man-at-Arms cartoon by Mr. Benny, the Hero Pizza is that the background art is actually rather well done.

    Toolbox Hero

    By painting his Chivalry user name on his workshop toolbox, Redditor gangsteroflove has mastered the art of manliness in ways that few of us could ever dare to achieve.

    Rippin’ archers with Teripper

    Two complete lines of archers shooting over a field? Sounds like every other class’ worst nightmare. Top Chivalry Youtuber @teripper queues up the lads in this recent video.

    Sup, yo

    Have you ever had your entire body warped outside of the realm of physical possibility, suffering the unmentionable pain of abject disfigurement? This guy has, he seems okay though. (via dievert)


    That face you make when the same guy keeps killing you while you’re chat typing (via Mestarr)

    "Kids these days and their darn piercings"

    Stephen didn’t care if the other knights didn’t like his body art. It was his body, his choice, his LIFE, dammit. But seriously, thanks laughingsnake on reddit for this great screenshot.

    Cleaver? I hardly know her!

    Community member Oilystool has a veritable bevy of awesome Steam Workshop items - all waiting for your votes to be featured in Chivalry! Like this amazingly decorative new Halberd skin:

    The Sistine Chival

    After painting The Creation of Adam, Michaelangelo took a few minutes to whip up this alt version. #arthistory (via Kraiten)

    Talk to us!

    Have you recorded your own Chivalry theme song (please do this someone) or painted your toenails in Mason vs. Agatha colours? Get in touch!

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  • Cool stuff! Last painting was impressive

  • i think the first one is better tbh

  • Good size, decent amount of content here. Honestly that picture of the :| dude getting stabbed is hilarious. Avatar - worthy.

  • that first pic should be a skin tbh

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