My thoughts about Javelins

  • I have now played with Javelins and as a Archer in general and are now sharing my experience with it and what i think could be tweaked.

    As a newbie i found the Javelins to be VERY hard to use against even stationary targets but with some persistence and many deaths i eventually managed to hit enemies regularly. After hours of experimentation i got hang of Javelin + Buckler combat. Most of my fights usually started with me initiating a Quick Shield Bash and quickly follow up with a Javelin Stab, Shield Bash was occasionally thrown in when i could corner a enemy otherwise i would keep my distance.

    If you know what you are doing you could easily take on any class 1-on-1 with this sub-class :). Funny to see Knights get shocked at a archer fighting back. Most combat is played with you using your shield to interrupt their attacks while you do the actual damage with the spear. Ideally they should be softened up or upright dead before you engage in melee.

    I am no expert yet at either throwing Javelins or doing melee combat with them but once the blatant bugs are fixed on them they will be my main weapon of choice along the Thrusting Knife :D.

    Known bugs for Javelins

    • Occasionally while throwing the horizontal mouse axis will “lock” or become extremely slow.

    • Sometimes when stabbing your mouse gets nearly locked down.

    Suggested tweaks for the Javelins

    • Give the Javelins\Spears better sound effects.

    • Make the Short Spears more lucrative by increasing their ammo count up to 10. Not fit for Anti-Archer business and a Longbow\Crossbow can do the job better.

    • Make a way to “reserve” one Javelin\Spear for melee combat.

    • Mention in the Javelin description that it is wonderful for Archer removal.

    • Tweak the Heavy Javelins better into it’s Anti-Armor role. Blunt + Pierce damage?

    • Sprinting at full speed forward with the Javelins\Spears should throw them further. Maybe make the character decelerate into a full stop to balance it.

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