Where are my FPS gone ?

  • Hello,

    I just wanted to report this weird thing and see if I was or not the only one affected.

    I always had 60FPS at Chivalry : Medieval Warfare (with all at max) since the first day I played on this new computer until last time I played. But today I barely have 20FPS. I was wondering if it was my PC. So I tested other games, see if it works normally … and it does. (GTA V between high and ultra 45-60 fps, same for The Witcher 3, …). So all my other games keeps working fine. I tested to reboot, it changed nothing. It changes also nothing with the 32-bit version of the game.

    I feel like it maybe tries to run the game on the processor instead of my GC (AMD R9 290). That’s the sole explanation I have for this low level of FPS.

    If you guys have a fix, please tell me.

    Sincerly yours


    PS : sorry for the bad english

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