• The mods on the chivalry steam forums (Bear Grylls and Mskittyiana™) are constantly arguing with players who criticize any aspect of the game. One example a new player made a thread saying the game was fun for him 0-15 and basically saying that after rank 15 he found the community a bit toxic and felt as if the high rank players exploit game mechanics. Maybe he’s right maybe he’s wrong? The very first reply the guy got was from the mod named ‘Bear Grylls’ who wrote “This game isn’t for you.”

    Seriously what way is that for an official mod to treat a new player having difficulties with the game, come on, In all my years with online gaming I have never seen anything so unprofessional.

    I’m not sure how one becomes a mod on steam and how these two guys became mods, But can we please get new mods on the steam forums.

  • lol. Everything they said is totally fine and absolutely true. They’re mods. Not developers. If they were devs and said those things, it would be even better because it is true.

  • AKA another example of why low rank servers are the problem…… SMH Again, agree with SOC on this as well.

  • Always the bloody complaints. If you start crying at hitting rank 16 then that’s your fault, should’ve played the actual game instead of hiding in noob-only servers.

    The first post instantly answered the whole topic though, and I consider all the other posts irrelevant.

    This isn’t the game for you.

    The game truly isn’t for him if he dislikes what the actual, non noob-only server gameplay is like.
    Besides, these kind of topics always “happen to” hide the fact that the OP in question would get free reign against all the actual new players, becoming that “toxic” player he supposedly despises so much.

    How “coincidental” that the OP fails to mention that.

  • I heard some stuff about that mskittiana or whatever their name is back when they first started. Apparently he/she was a little ban-happy and had to be disciplined a bit. I could be wrong. That other cat guy is just a twat. I mean look at him.

  • It’s the mustache, isn’t it?

  • @stio89:

    In all my years with online gaming I have never seen anything so unprofessional.

    You should try the Qlive forums of old, why I have seen admins on other games and refs switching good players over
    to one side and stacking server simply to then join the stronger side hehe. Why I stated gaming in the mid 1920’s tbh.

  • Dudeface’s reply is very accurate, especially if you read the OP and then the part he quoted. The steamforums contain the toxic community that can’t handle anything whatsoever, someone beats them and it’s either exploits or hacks.

  • @dudeface:

    It’s the mustache, isn’t it?

    That’s your only redeeming feature tbh.

    Dude P. Face
    Had a sweet mustache.

  • Moderators are community members with extra buttons. Arguing isnt against the rules.

    Complaining about nothing.

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