Vanguard feedback + input

  • I’ve played for over 13 hours now and I have experimented with knight, vanguard, and crossbow quite a bit, but I have some nit-picking issues with my experiences as the crossbowman.

    On many occasions, an enemy vanguard would rush my position and begin a melee duel with me. I’d take out my short sword and we’d have at it despite the fairly poor odds I had. And, although I realize that I should have a disadvantage, I think that something might be wrong when a spear-man can stab faster than my short sword can swing.

    Now I’m not saying that the Vanguard’s weapon speed is in need of a nerf - I think the Vanguard plays fine and is really entertaining all around. I think that there needs to be a game-wide mechanic addition added to some weapons, though.

    Wouldn’t it make sense that an enemy spearman (within a foot or so of me) could swing at only a fraction of the damage? I believe that they’d be hitting me more or less with a hard piece of wood, and it would offer daggers and shortswords some new depth by encouraging players to get closer. On the other half of the situation, Vanguards would need to stay further away from targets and would rightfully be the “ranged melee” they seem to be described as. Maybe a slight buff in Vanguard damage would be necessary too, to make up for the new addition?

    Just a thought

  • There is already a forum topic covering this:


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