New map times are awful.

  • Stuck a whole bunch of the new FFA maps on the FFA servers.

    Castleassault FFA is 4 minutes long.
    Colosseum FFA is 30 minutes long.

    How drunk were you guys? They should all be ten minutes.

    Also found out that the kill limit for FFA just doesn’t work. Set at the default of 60. Never changed it. But people got over 100 kills. What could have been a 15 minute long match of colosseum dragged out to the full 30 minutes. It does work for TDM. Well worked before the patch anyway. Never see anyone get 60 kills in ten minutes on FFA but it probably never worked.

  • The maps should use your config time limit instead of being hard-coded.

    Also, kill limit never worked for FFA.

  • Developer

    So there is a config option that lets you override the map’s set time:

    PCServer-UDKGame.ini (or if a listen server: UDKGame.ini / DefaultGame.ini)


    RoundTime is in minutes, so you could change to, e.g.


    I’m going to float the idea of dropping map RoundTime settings for anything other than TO…

  • Does that actually work? I remember trying that on my server and not getting any results.

  • Yeah that’s never worked. You’re telling me it works now? Last tried it when you made the duel maps into FFA and they were 20 minutes. Tried it before then when tavern was 20 minutes also. Didn’t work.

    Still the actual set map time should be 10 minutes takes all of 2 seconds to change if you remember to change it. Doesn’t change the fact that kill limits on FFA don’t work either.

  • Developer


    How drunk were you guys?

    I don’t remember, but the pile of empties seems to speak for itself.

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