Favorite class and setup

  • If you had to choose one setup what would it be, and why?

    Mine would be Vanguard, Default setup because it is very well balanced for taking on all the other kinds of classes if used right…

  • Mhm.
    Class: Man At Arms.
    Primary weapon: Broadsword.
    Reason for primary weapon: Broadsword has really good reach and extreme damage. It can two shot vanguards in the head. The combos are pretty nice aswell.
    Secondary weapon: Short sword.
    Reason for secondary weapon: It’s fast and has some unparryable combos not including the over powered side stabs.
    Tertiary equipment: I usually pick a heater shield for protection against archers and for extra intimidation. I will go fire pot in laggy servers.

  • Cool setup Harold I wouldn’t want to mess with you lol

  • I bounce around all the classes/weapons but I really like Polehammer, Longsword, Warhammer and Zwiehander as primaries. I feel too cheap using Brandistock but it’s pretty good. For secondaries I agree with Harold on short sword, but I’m also a fan of the axes, especially waraxe. It doesn’t drag as well as the Dane, but can still do a bit of it and the stab is better.

  • Man at arms, Dane axe all day long, both for its stats and cosmetic reasons haha (I’ve just started watching Vikings). I use a buckler as well, as it just suits my style of play, in addition my mason emblem is the white hand of Saruman, on solid black. Fear me.

  • Knight
    Primary: Maul
    Secondary: Norse Sword
    Tertiary: Tower Shield

    One hit maul kills to head are hilarious to me because their head just explodes. Rainbows and Accel/Decel overheads with it are also fun. If I am dealing with an opponent with a faster weapon, I will go pokey poke with the norse sword. Overall, I’ve had the most fun using the maul.

  • It’s too funny watching people’s heads get smashed in! Lol

  • That’s why warhammer is so awesome, it’s a fast, mini-maul. The knight’s only 1 handed primary besides flail. Dunno how the balance is on consoles compared to PC but the warhammer is a pretty damn decent niche weapon. It’s a little bit short but using Warhammer for knights and pulling out Norse Sword for MaA is a really good combo, with shield or axes as backup.

  • Give me a relatively long sword that Is not to slow to deal with fast people and I’ll rock with it haha that’s kinda my speed. I use to love the Zweihander but now I’m really not that great with it so I tend to avoid it, but other than that sword Ill ride with all the swords, I hate axes and the little ball and chain weapons I don’t see how it’s possible to do good with little reach and miniscule speed. I even use daggers sometimes to piss off people that actually lost to a archer using a dagger, wow good times! Haha my goal is to get kicked atleast once a day by bad noobs that can’t kill me

  • Haha, no you wouldn’t (0_0)

  • Noice copy of my schema. >( I don’t mind jk

  • @King:

    Noice copy of my schema.

    Running around as an archer using a dagger to piss people off? Doesn’t sound like the king Harold I remember… Times are a chang’in, I suppose

  • Wut… We have only met once because you’re scared to duel me or any other players…

  • I read that chang’in as chang in lol
    Like some Chinese restaurant(No offense ofc)
    169 posts. Ain’t that pretty…

  • @King:

    I read that chang’in as chang in lol
    Like some Chinese restaurant(No offense ofc)
    169 posts. Ain’t that pretty…

    …Huh? Oh I get it, lol.

  • Now Firefly. Are you going to post our setup? If not leave this thread.

  • My class of choice is the vanguard. My weapon of choice is the “vote kick” button. Come at me, Harold.

  • of course it is. You’re like the peasants who spam and votekick whoever is better than them. Please shut up man, it’s not making you any smarter. Just post something RELATED to the thread topic. Please.

  • “My weapon of choice is the vote kick button” lolololol im dying over here…

    But I main with Vanguard default class, but substitute throwing knives for hatchets. Although as I get more experienced I’ve been leaning toward man at arms with any of the swords… Yea frog i seen you run archer the other day and didn’t know what was going on lol.

  • I think your better at MAA. Archers are fun to play as sometimes lol

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