Acquiring new moves

  • Sometimes when I’m bored I try to mess around and watch a couple of tehrippers videos on tactics the pc people use typically I get frustrated because what is easy on the pc is a combination of bashing the controller in a set order haha.but when I find a move for say water fall or maybe even a noobs rainbow and try to incorporate it into my gameplay it’s really quite hard and I always veer back to my normal patterns of attack, actually today I’m determined to Learn how to Matix I refuse to block in combat even once in a effort to learn how to do it, so I guess this brings me to the point of this article is how to incorporate moves or how u have done it in the past relatively easily it would be much help to me so please give me wisdom!

  • Doing some of the advanced stuff from PC takes a while with the controller. I recommend using a claw grip on controller when you are doing these moves then switch back to regular grip.

    Ex) You are fighting an opponent, and you want to do a matrix (etc) mid-combat.
    Switch to claw grip –>Do matrix dodge --> Switch back to regular grip

    I also recommend raising your sensitivity to do drags and the other fun stuff.

    As far as matrixing, I’d say to do the movement and still block because you are still learning it and you won’t have the penalty of taking damage. At least this way, it will be muscle memory (thumb memory haha) and you’ll be able to use it mid-combat if necessary.

  • I have also watched teripper videos…makes it look easy, doesn’t he?

  • Thanks for tip on raising sensitivity, will try it.

  • I don’t know whatcha mean by claw grip

  • @coledeawesome:

    I don’t know whatcha mean by claw grip

    Sounds like how a microdick masturbates.

  • Like this.

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  • I pissed myself laughing in this thread. :3

  • If your trying to do a backwards overhead, one simple way is to perry an attack then turn 180 degrees while you hit R1. But make sure to focus where your enemy is at while you begin to turn for the attack or you could end up completely off if misjudged so my advice is just practice. Faking is so much funnier tho lol, I like doing those triple feignts and what not leaving your opponent clueless as to when your going to strike, but it also doesn’t work on a lot of skilled fighters…

  • B0ckswings

  • Lol at clawgrip… Frog you got me with the feints a few times… I can honestly say dueling you I learned alot of little tricks to break someones guard. Thanks for that mate XD

  • Acquiring new moves…I have been working on left OH chop while leaping. Often gets past a shield, and is quite unexpected. Also working on the timing of jumping/striking from structures, can be deadly when you have the element of surprise. Drop in on a knot of opponents, give 'em a couple whacks, and MMA dodge away…watch them all hit each other. Then give 'em an oil pot. Doesn’t always work that way, but when it does- it can really turn the tide of Battle.

  • Left OH while leapin? Yea i need to expand my mind and get more creative in my attacks lol

  • I get killed a lot by trying to get fancy…but when I pulled off something weird it’s splatteringly Glorious! Battered a Knight to death last time using every different strike once only…that was cool. I try not to play it like Pac-Man, a series of patterns.

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