Chivalry Lags (Mac OS)

  • Hello, I bought Chivalry: MW yesterday. If I play on dedicated server with 4-8 people then game works fine, but if I join public server with more than 10 people - my fps drops to 10.

    What could be the problem?

  • I would say your CPU. Chivalry is very, very CPU dependant.

    Would recommend overclocking if possible.

    …but also you GPU is not the best either :/

  • Yeah, I understand, that my GPU isn’t really good, but probably it should works on low at least.
    Ok, will try to close everything CPU dependent before playing.

  • I purchased this game on Sunday after trying it out with Steam’s free demo period over the weekend. Unfortunately it appears to be a bit of a lemon on Mac.

    I am running a Mac Pro 4,1 8 core 2.26ghz, 24 gig desktop computer. 16 player servers are fine, but 32 player servers cause the game to grind to a halt whenever I approach a large group of people. I suspected it was my aging radeon 4870 512meg graphics card so on Monday I replaced it with a new 2gb GTX 750 TI OC card.

    Zero improvements. Regardless of how the graphics options are set (high, low, medium… whatever) with either card, the lag still persists. I did some googling and found a LOT of mac users experiencing exactly the same issues, and thread after thread of complaints about how much this game is a lemon on OSX. I did manage to find a .ini file a PC user had posted some 2 years ago that optimized the user settings. It worked somewhat for my system. The graphics are smoother and it does lag less, but the game still remains unplayable on larger servers when you approach busy scenes.

    Other info I found while searching through the steam forums was a comment by a chat that said he had been in contact with Torn Banner studios and discovered that they don’t even own a mac computer??? Is there any truth to that?

    It seems the most success mac users have had is installing windows via boot camp… which would support the idea that the game is really poorly optimized for OSX. I intend on installing boot camp in the coming days. I will report my findings.

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