• That might be the coolest thing I’ve read on this forum. You get a gold star, I suppose.

  • Actualy Knights would be fitter and even more used to wearing a suit of armour (many “reenactors” only put on a full suit a few times a year).

    But it yeah it’s largely the reason large armies of foot Knights could be defeated easily. The English archers doubled up as light infantry. As well as the fact the English would sign on anyone rather than just noblemen. So English infantry also had dedicated light infantry thrown in the mix. Whereas mainland armies such as the french were predominantly made up of heavy infantry and heavy cavalry. Only mercenaries filled other roles. The french rely on winning the battle in about 10 minutes. Smashing through everyone, scattering them to all be finished off and captured. An English army could slog it out. If it survived the initial charge which they didn’t always do. At the battle of Vernuill the English got smashed by mercenary italian cavalry the french had. Compeltely arrow proof. The italians fought the same way as the french but the italians had the best armourers in the world. Problem was the italian cavalry sign stop after it charged the English and didn’t stop. Found the baggage train and got looting. Not many English died. They all stood up and charged down the french infantry which outnumbered them. Killed almost 8000 of them while only taking 1600 casaulties. Archers and all.

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