Player numbers 13,000

  • Its very high on steam, I’ve been checking this out for Three days in between Sci fi boxset episodes.
    Lets have a bounty reward, kill 12 enemy archers in a row to win a prize and new friends tbh.

  • Well I noted it was down to 3,000 just last night. Lets hope it remains at 7,000 even in off peak times
    a nice strong player number tbh

  • Well it seem to average out at 4,000 now in a 24 hour period tbh. I heard TB’s secret project was trying to quietly leave
    the skysc****r they rent like stealth ninja’s, to avoid the coffee vending machine fee’s due next month hehe.

  • Without wasting another thread I thought to add this here.
    Just recently as usual on an official ffa server, 24 I noted quite a few players doing the usual run about bending and twisting
    trying to bit players toes, while reverse matrixing into even more animated cartoon breaking stuff. What got my attention
    in chat was suddenly seeing the both actually complain about another player who by fluke , according to them had
    managed to kill them both with a ** gasps Feint kill. It was bad enough the Two wind bags ranked 50 plus were blatantly
    exploiting but to then complain followed by them trying to vote kick the lower ranked player off the server in the rage
    they were in hehe. Are we to be besieged by such high ranked exploiters , who rage when they actually die 1 time
    by a normal player feinting? This is my opinion of such players in the image below.

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