Longing for a scrim

  • Greetings everyone.

    I would like to have a scrim(Clan battle) with any clan that is from Europe. I will not compete against any American clans or any other clan like that whom is over the pond. Even though i said Europe, U.K is my most favorable option.

    The scrim we would like to do would be a Kendó + TO

    Who ever wins the Kendó will pick the T.O map and side.
    There will then be two rounds of the T.O with each side being able to attack and defend.

    If you do not know what a Kendó is please watch this video from Spook(PC player)

    A kendó is when both teams are on their hill and they both send out one player. The following players will fight to the death and lets say the mason player dies, they have to send out another player. As the Agathian player didn’t die they don’t need to send out another man. If one person kills the entire enemy team. That person got what is called an “Ace” There is an ace in the video i linked.

    Lts is Last team standing.

    To Is team objective.

    I would love to scrim after Wednesday.

    Please reply if you’re interested.

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