PS3 Clan Recruiting

  • A few of us have decided it’s past time PS3 has a Clan and community as big as 360’s appears to be… I mean it can only enhance the game experience, right? Mainly private 4v4 and FFA duel servers, until someone challenges us that is. We are just now getting all of the details together so if you’re interested be sure to pitch any ideas for a clan Vote. I’m hoping as time has passed since release and more people are joining that maybe even other clans will arise and challenge us for dominance… We have some of the best on ps3 so far and will be recruiting based on in game experiences, not merely rank. Anyone is welcome, after a few tests of skill. Apply today by adding and messaging either me, or one of the following:
    There are a few others that are interested but we are the most active right now…
    Your humble servant,

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