Boxset spolers should not be allowed

  • If you plebbypeonpeasants are bored don’t discuss recently released boxsets, go find a fan site related to
    that boxset and be a wally on that site tbh. Some people on this site are infact watching or currently
    about to start a boxset, infact some paid hard cash also. I thought the moderators stopped this along
    with using cancerous words in thread titles last year. Or was that the old generation of mods who
    actually gave a damn about such crassness tbh.

  • If you don’ want game of thrones spoiled, don’t read the thread. is says spoilers in the title. Why shouldn’t we be allowed to discuss an awesome show because certain peasants are too lazy to watch it themselves?

  • i didnt want to be spoiled but i read it anyway

  • He is a code red atm tbh. I recently picked up the entire Knight rider series
    with our favourite car kit. Just after the six million dollar man and the A team
    now. Its good to have a retro section of boxsets in my large collection tbh.

  • Some clans (such as SM) do disallow spoilers in game chat.
    There’s nothing specific about it in the forum rules though, however if anyone reports a spoiler on the forums I’d edit spoiler into the beginning of the post or title

  • I have removed mr Retsnom and Oy from my code red ignore list tbh.
    . I am not to lazy I got to the end of season 2 of game of prunes
    the rest I am about to watch in a marathon over Christmas.

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