Things this game needs to make it even funner!

  • Hey guys,

    I was playing this game today and i thought its fun right now but what happens if some things are not added to make people keep comming back so i came up with some ideas to imrpove this already brilliant game!

    1. Lifetime Stats - This game needs to show our life time stats such as kills deaths wins losses etc.
    2. Keep the maps comming- I know we just launched but maybe once every few months add more maps so people dont get bored this is a common problem with all games. This is why css is more successful then others with its wide range of maps including community maps!
    3.keep updates coming! - if people need sometyhing fixed get on it right away never ignore it!

    PS i love this game its the best ive played in ages!

    Thanks guys,

  • 1. I believe they’re thinking about adding this, but you would have to talk to a developer to be sure.
    2. They will :) you can also make your own using UDK.
    3. They’re working on a lot already. This game will be very amazing in a few months.

  • They’re going to keep releasing maps and other new content for a long time. Two new game modes and several new weapons are already planned.

  • I guess the “stats question” is the more urgent, but the guys from TB did a great job overall and i’m sure they will fix soon all those minor issues.

  • There is but one thing we need,

    “too big sword?”

  • @Sir:

    There is but one thing we need,

    “too big sword?”

    It’s in the game. Try playing as a Man-at-Arms and just keep your ears open ;)

  • That sword looks a little sharp, if you know what I mean.

    Thats the closest thing I’ve heard.

  • There’s also “That’s a pretty big sword, you compensating for something?” - but the line I’m referring to isn’t found in the voice menu.

  • We need the original :x

  • the originals were pretty good. i actually wouldn’t mind if they just slapped it in there

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