Feedback on switching to beta branches instead of a separate app

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    We’re still getting confusion from some players, especially non-English-speakers, about the difference between the Chivalry BETA and Chivalry: Medieval Warfare apps. We initially did this as two separate apps because, the way the game used to be built, each patch was more than a gigabyte, and switching between branches (like this) would also need about that large a download. Now, however, patches max out around 300 MB.

    So, we wanted to ask: what do you think? Would switching to using a branch bother anyone? Would people still help us test beta patches?

  • I love that it is a separate steam app.

    But I have a crappy connection, so I would almost never bother switching branches if I had to. The way it is now I can keep both up to date and not worry about it. Of course I can hardly properly play on beta servers from asia anyway, so it’s entirely moot.

  • @dudeface:

    I love that it is a separate steam app.

    Same here.

  • I prefer the two apps.

  • 2 apps is better.

    But look at some of the people asking the questions about “what the beta is” on steam. Americans. One from the UK even. English seemed like a first languge if not only language. One of these people had been a steam member 6 years lol.

  • i like it as a second game

  • Agreed, for those of us that know, two apps are better. Sadly the noobs just dont understand and you may simply have to add dumbed down instructions on which to download just for the game.

  • Honestly we get more confusion about weapon loadout vs customization than we do about this.
    Noobs think you choose your weapons in the customization screen and don’t notice the weapon select buttons on the class menu.

    On the steam forums a good portion of the beta app questions are just “why is this here?” and “should I also install this?”, which are born more out of curiosity than genuine confusion.

  • better way would be to have them as separate servers inside the official game if it’s possible

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    better way would be to have them as separate servers inside the official game if it’s possible

    Not possible. It would have to quit and relaunch the game, which is only possible if they’re separate apps anyways…

  • I like the 2 app thing you have now. I play lot of Insurgency, but never bother to opt in for any betas to help test anything. I play the Chivalry Beta whenever it updates. I’m just lazy and don’t feel like having to go through menus to change things.

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