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  • Greetings peasants and knights!

    I would like to start of my thread by pointing out that many people are saying HUE WEN DIS GAM GET UPD8 I LEVE NAW CUZ NO UPD8. or… HUE BAD FOV CUZ CONSOLE GAM I NED CHANGE I HUEEEEEEEE

    Ahem. Now people are saying stuff like the text in the paragraph above and they are shouting at TB. I think this is wrong, TB are working on the new project and may not have time or even the money $$$ for it. In my opinion, the game is good,stable and very enjoyable. I am very thankful for TB to put it on the consoles(Even if it’s a twisted story…) and i’m having a lot of fun with it. :P I don’t think the game even needs an update. Most of the problems boil down to connection or 30fps. I mean, look at TF2 xbox edition they have the same hosting system as Chivalry and they never changed it. They have official maps only, little to none customization options.

    Look at this:

    Only one or two updates. They have the same bar meter as Chivalry. It’s a console port. What did you expect?

    Just be thankful that you even have Chivalry ad remember to worship our lord and savior. Torn Banner.

  • I love the game personally… I mean of course I’d like to get everything that pc has but i understand that’ss not feasible, but they enjoyment i get out of this game outweighs that small gripe by a ton. I like the simple fact that skill is required in this game. Alot of it. And the people ive met in the game take it quite serious and are very dedicated and that atmosphere is what im looking for anyway… Instant classic in my humble opinion, m’lord.

  • Yeah, the lag sometimes sucks and I hate it when I have to restart game to get my favorite weapons back…but that doesn’t stop me from playing just about every day! I broke into the top 250 Leaderboards the other day…heading for top 100!

  • Darn people don’t be satisfied! Never settle!
    I will agree with you on almost all you guys have said but if there is room for improvement I want it. It doesn’t have to happen and I understand if they won’t but I’ll still be bitching aboUT until I atleast get a response from torn banner them selves

  • ofc you do…

  • @King:

    ofc you do…

    Whatcha mean by that?

  • PS3 leaderboards has been bugged out or something. Is it like that on Xbox too guys? Because I know there’s quite a few people in the top 30 that should not be there. It says they are a level that they clearly are not in games. I will try to get evidential proof of this if needed for torn banner to fix that bug. Would be awesome :)

  • SUCH a great game its a shame it isn’t being brought to life. For 15 dollars I can live without updates, but asking for servers for consoles shouldn’t be asking TOO much I don’t think. I’d be happy to spend a few extra dollars on this game if it would pay for servers, I end up shuttin the game off after a couple games of people glitching everywhere :\

  • Swoopswoop diigitydawg

  • God damn it Tom… :P

  • @alicorn:

    Swoopswoop diigitydawg

    All I can say is……


  • I do like these drama’s in this secton tbh.

  • Tom is a very special one :P

  • I wish I could play this game on Pc. :(

  • You should man!

  • PC is just better in every way. :3

  • I would recommend the gt730 2gb ddr3 video card, a snipe at £30 ish. Stick on a board with 4gb ram.
    even on my old socket 775 it was at 90 fps in chivalry and very low powered. If you have an old pc about
    it might be simply adding such a video card opens Chivalry on the pc for you also.

  • Listen to ze loins

  • When I am slobbing on netflix its handy to have this video card for some in between episodes , low fps chivalry fun.
    its got a heatsink lowprofile and never goes over 50 degrees in heat. no noise at all and barely touches electricity
    use. why i’d say a light bulb uses more power.

  • :D Anyways back on topic…

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