Slightly Shortened Damage Tracer, No Change to Parry Tracer

  • To prevent a small minority of silly situations like VG charges still doing damage after the blade is finished swinging, or stabs still doing damage after the thrust is finished, would it be possible to end the damage tracer slightly sooner?

    The reduction would be minute and leave parrying untouched to ensure that weapons no longer do damage when they appear inert i.e., at the very end of the animation.

    The “stopped weapon doing damage” (I call it the light sabre effect) is particularly noticeable with the zweihander. I’m sure everyone here is aware of it.

    I’m not trying to gripe; I just sincerely suspect that it would be easy to fix. It could also help with the messer, I’m sure (ex: the messer swing could keep 96% or 97% of the current damage tracer; just slice off the tail end of the damage tracer).

    And yes, I know that “the game will [supposedly] not be further balanced or fixed”, but I figured I’d ask anyway seeing as it could help make the game less fruity…


    and for the love of god please fix kick and reduce back of bubble by 10 or 15%

  • delete VG charge tbh.

  • @dudeface:

    delete VG charge tbh.

    Honestly I don’t mind it that much, I just wish it wasn’t so gimmicky. It always makes me cringe when a newb VG does a charge attack on an archer or MAA nearby, finishes the swing completely, but then the blade “brushes” against the ankle of the MAA or archer, and I hear their delayed death cry! It’s a mini “WTF moment” :distress:

    But the tweak would help reduce some of the gimmicky effects of drags I think as well. Even if the reduction in the tracer was a mere 1% or 2%, I think it would make a critical difference for the better.

  • @dudeface:

    delete VG charge tbh.

    I wouldn’t mind VG charge if the sword charge could be jumped over more reliably, there are times I’ve cleared the blade completely but it still hits me.

  • HaHawk, you are right that would/could fix the issue of static weapon hits. super disorienting and i dislike them as well.

    However, it would be a massive change, each weapon would need to be altered individually, and it would change timings for weapons that people have spent hundreds of hours figuring out.

    So, it is a good idea for chiv 2 maybe.

  • This would kill longsword even more, no thanks.

  • @SOC:

    This would kill longsword even more, no thanks.

    Why? And anyway, it could be weapon specific. The main offenders are mostly Vanguard weapons that still do damage after the swing is finished, and the Messer, which can be sort “stopped mid-air” and do damage at the tail end of the swing when there’s clearly no momentum left. I haven’t noticed any real issues with Longsword, so perhaps the damage tracer for that is fine as it is.

  • vg sword charge shouldn’t be draggable at all.

  • One of the very few things that makes longsword not total garbage is its overhead drag doing damage on the very end of the animation, IE what you just posted.

  • you’re asking the weapon release by like 4%, which is lowering the release by a minimal amount for essentially no reason

    the timing of the release state of weapons is in sync with the animation, there is no need to change anything

    play on merc mod if you care about weapon balance

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