How to get 3rd person view perfectly centered? (both horizontal and vertical)

  • I know there is a default camera with horizontal centered but vertical not centered.
    Is there a way to change the camera position to get perfectly centered view both horizontal and vertical?
    BTW: I see the spectator camera view is perfectly centered.

    Off topic:
    I see some players don’t like 3rd person view and see it as an unfair advantage.
    I also like the 1st person view, and played a lot of competitive FPS, but it’s also very enjoyable for 3rd person with many situation in Chivalry.
    Please don’t discuss balance thing too much in this topic.

  • I`m not quite sure, but if you press “p” instead of “L” the 3rd person view should shift from left to middle to right.

  • Yes, and I prefer use the middle one.
    But it’s vertical height is about 2 heads higher than 1st person, want to know if there is a way to fix this.

  • The L key toggles 3rd person on and off.

    The P key toggles what kind of 3rd person you want. Over the left shoulder, over the right shoulder or directly over the head.

    So if you set what type of first person you want with P each time you push L it should default to that kind of 3rd person again.

  • That’s not what he’s asking about though. And no I don’t think there’s a way for it.

  • 3rd person is cancer just like archers.

  • Just to clarify, in case anyone didn’t quite understand the OP, I’m pretty sure what the OP meant was lowering the third person camera’s Z axis (at least, I think that’s the right letter) so that it can be down closer to right behind the character in the second (centered) third person camera placement option, instead of being placed uncomfortably far above the character.

    I too would like to know if this is possible. I don’t play in third person, but if I could get the camera to be placed in the middle and further down to center around neck level I probably would, because then I wouldn’t have to deal with third person/first person weapon placement discrepancies while swinging, while everything else (like parrying) would (or at least should) stay mostly the same as in first person due to the center point being so close to the character’s head. Would certainly help to alleviate some “That totally should have connected!”/“That attack phased right through him!” moments, I imagine.

    You know, if we can’t make this ourselves with questionable INI edits, it’d be nice if this was added as an official fourth third person camera option in-between the current high-middle placement and middle-left placement. And why not? With the center being placed around neck/jaw level and as far forward as it is (or even farther forward than it is) placed in the current high-middle third person camera option you’d get all the non-cancerous benefits of third person play (seeing your character, using the third person animations which are what’s used for hit detection IIRC) without most of the cancerous benefits of third person play (tendency to run around in circles slash spamming (my guess is that it’s because you can’t get into real fights since you have difficulty parrying attacks compared to first person players), assparries, looking over cover you’re crouched behind/around corners you’re standing near without being seen). Back of head parries would be the only likely side-effect and is probably already a thing for first person players anyway (very likely especially for the ones with nausea-inducingly high FoV settings (mmm, fisheye)), so that camera view might not actually have any cancerous benefits at all.

    And hey, they might not give us any balance stuff anymore, but they are still updating the game; and there’s no way it’d be hard for them to add in another third person camera option, even if they have to brute force it by making it a tickbox in the options menu that replaces all of the other third person camera options because they can’t figure out a way to add it to the existing list.

  • L Toggles between first person and your chosen third person perspective.

    P cycles between the different third person perspectives.

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