About Flails

  • Hey guys!i’m here to talk about the flails…I do love flails in ANY kind of games,But im chivalry i sense like no one cares about this weapons so im here to add a diferent perspective about this matter.
    Here you guys can see REAL made weapons http://www.kultofathena.com/maces.asp .
    I’m not trying to sell this…only need you guys to look How long is the flail.In the actual game flail has a less reach than a short sword…and if u look correctly in the character hand only the grip on flail is already bigger than the shortsword.
    Please guys fix some things…i usually play on Brazil we have like 5 good servers.in most servers we got like 32 players and all lv 40+…IM THE only 1 using a flail…just because i like it.And i get RLY fucked by this guys.Just to say im ma lv 48 and usually i play archer and knight and my scores with Heavy crossbows and messer,longsword and weapons good as this i can make up to 30-50 kills and like 10 deaths…So im a good player i know all the shits…like rainbow moves and stuff…but is REALY hard to play against someone with those weapons with flail.

    You guys need to put more range on this weapon and a little bit more of dmg…its idiotic like a 1 handed hammer can hit SO HARD and a heavy flail can’t…and in the description you guys put " extremely hard to defend against" i dont think that cuz u cant drag a flail properly like ALL OTHER weapons in the game…the moveset from flail is SLOW and unefective,

    I think that 40-50% range should be enough…and a heavy flail overhead should kill knights in 2 hits on the head…as for the normal flail 3 hits on the head…2 on vanguard…im not a dev but i do think if you guys create a weapon plz…make ppl use it!

    Thx thats all…and sry for all errors my English sucks. :D cya!

  • ya flail needs a big buff to be relevant

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