Skill Tree

  • Hello i just played and i had this Idea like thousand Times before. As you could see i really want this Skill Tree. I know i know many will cry now specially spamming MAA’s that cry about Drag Feint and R.Overhead, A skill Tree would be way to complicated fo them. But my Idea is not a Skill Tree that can make you IMBA on the BF but give you a chance to find your Tactics…. For Example an -Archer could increase his Sneak Level and maybe a Damage Bons while he made a Kill from behind while sneaking. or -A Tank could have the Ability to make more Damage if more than 3 Players are around him and hes Health is under 20% and Stuff like this. A Skill Tree could look like this -Kick making 20% more Damage -Lances have 5% more Range -MAA has unlimited Stamina for 30 Seconds -Weapons are 5% faster or something like this. And what would be really cool is a Fatality, a finnish Move Is a Player stunned and under 20% Health you can use your Fatality on him you unlocked before, you just can use it than by pressing Use or some Key. Yes i still ove this Game and play it almost every Day, if you dont like it np, but the seed is planted now, maybe it grows maybe it withers. The Community decides.

  • Those forest fires are the damndest things tbh. The Knights of Chivalry would only qualify for any skill system in first person imo.

  • Thats all you have to say? omg

  • Deciphering the words of loin is a tricky thing indeed.

  • The thing with skill trees is that new players will whine even more about nonexistent advantages highrank players supposedly have.

    (Exclding the HP Boost DLC for $4.99 of course)

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