Using Recommended Externals Drive to run Chivalry

  • For those interested I recommend the My passport External Drive, I have the older 2TB one.
    Firstly I copied my Steam folder onto it, and allocated the drive letter S, Then copy your mygames
    folder onto the drive ( not in the steam folder though ). Then I fired up steam and it worked very well.
    Also I tried the external drive on another computer and simply pasted the Mygames folder onto that pc
    under documents. Then fired up steam and it also worked nicely.
    I suggest you use a recommended wintogo drive in the microsoft site, ie my passport or another
    reputable external portable drive. No difference was noted in game at all in loading maps or combat.
    Secondly you can always copy paste the entire steam folder onto a computer, plus the my games folder
    and simply use the computer. The benefits of using an external drive are you can take it with you on
    your travels and even us it in other computers ie at a friends , simply change the drive letter to S:
    on what ever computer your using and past the mygames folder over etc.

    I now use this drive between 3 computers here.

  • as long as your read/transfer rates are good playing on externals is pretty viable tbh

  • Its a very fast usb 3 drive the 2tb mypassport, also I use another one for windows togo, install os on that and simply plug
    into any rig without internal drives. It was suggested for those with very large steam folders plus usful for backup.

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