1. Tempest - After finally defeating Faucheur in the early January tournament, Tempest has proven to be an unstoppable force in the comp scene. Winning the last few tournaments and the most recent when they defeated Syndicate in the finals to take the title of the “chivalry is Not Dead” Tournament.

    2. Syndicate - Syndicate coming in second in the most recent tournament to Tempest. No one would have thought it was possible, but they managed to take the win against Phoenix and went to the finals against Tempest. Just proving how unpredictable and deadly this group of upcoming and unbridled warriors can be.

    3. Phoenix - Despite having such a strong line up and being the dark horse of the comp scene, Phoenix lost to Syndicate in a major upset. As unpredictable this was to them, it revealed their true position in the comp scene bringing them to the number three spot on the clan ranking list. As of June 2015, Phoenix has now retired from competitive chivalry.

    4. Meta - An uprising clan, showing a lot of promise in comp chivalry. Meta has shown they are capable of great things and their future looks very promising if they keep going in the same positive direction.

    5. Legion - An old school clan of the chivalry community, known for their respective playstyles and mannerisms. These clannies know the ins and outs of chivalry having been together for such a long time, but they also know how to have fun. Putting them at number 5 on the clan rankings list.

    6. Genesis - Respectable clan in the community, known for their patience and love not only for eachother but all chivalry players. Don’t let their patience and love fool you, Genesis is an extremely deadly clan. Putting them at the number 6 spot on the official clan rankings list.**


    1. Skillz - Accurate shots, good at positioning
    2. Bigs - deadly shots, extremely accurate, unpredictable
    3. Lyncx - really strong melee, lands a lot of headshots
    4. Pnobio - god with the sling, great footwork(pissing off enemy team with sling)
    5. Cervantes - good with all archer weapons, accurate shot

    Honourable Mentions:
    Russian Mafia


    1. Sir Loin of Beef - Sir loin of beef has an extremely flexible playstyle, great positioning. Can change the outcome of the game greatly (EX: acing kendo against FC: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y7ljRYyngaU)
    2. Fart Sniffer - good at feint reading, stamina management, and overall smart player.
    3. Chrisomatic - very strong offense, DEADLY with flanged mace bringing fear to the hearts of knights.
    4. Joe - good at lonewolfing, new promising player, and strong melee.
    5. Keyes - master tactical dodger, can deceive opponenets with random sudden movements and loud grunts, and can effectively dodge out of feints making for a lethal maa.

    Honourable Mentions:


    1. Guts - not much to say about this player as he is already at the top of his game. Dominates vanguard comp scene.
    2. Firegiants - strong melee, can use all vanguard weapons effectively, smart player, and handle 2v1s very well creating some insane clutch moments.
    3. Omega - Amazing at all vanguard weapons, strong melee.
    4. AustrianZebra - very unpredictable, good at halberd.
    5. Rathion - good all around vanguard, super good with spear weapons.

    Honourable Mentions:


    1. Raw Boner - unpredictable playstlye, very strong melee.
    2. Curly - strong knight, promising player, and good game sense.
    3. Renatus - experienced player, good all around knight.
    4. Spook - strong maul knight, can be a determining factor in a match.
    5. Beast - great defense, strong knight, great at all knight weapons.

    Honourable Mentions:

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