Swords of the Seven - Where Chivalry Still Lives (A Game of Thrones themed clan)

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    Swords of the Seven is a competitive clan with a theme based off of the Song of Ice and Fire series, and the TV show, Game of Thrones. The name has two meanings actually, The Seven Swords, which refers to the Kingsguard, the elite most warriors of the Swords of the Seven clan; and the Knights of the Seven Kingdoms. As a group our goals are to break the foundations of what people expect in a gaming community in Chivalry. We aim to achieve perfection in combat, but also perfection of character, in true Kingsguard fashion. What this means is that we are building a community of honor and respect among players and fellow warriors.

    We also will welcome new players, no matter skill level or rank, because we believe that becoming a good sword is something that is attained best among our peers. We will learn together and we will grow together. We are establishing a squire-master system that will help as a sort of mentoring system to new or less skilled players.

    What we are looking for:

    One thing really. Players who have a good attitude, can look past frustration, and not give in easily to defeat. People who can represent the clan in an honorable manner, and maintain the qualities of a Knight, inside and outside our servers. We believe that, CHIVALRY, is not dead. It, along with honor, can exist within a video game.

    Chain of Command

    The Kingsguard

    The Kingsguard are the most elite warriors among the Swords of the Seven. Though it is not only by their ability with a sword alone. A Kingsguard must possess all the qualities of a Knight true. They must be steadfast in their loyalty, a beacon of chivalry, and a bastion of resolve. While there are many skilled players in Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, it is their character and dedication to the Clan that will earn them a spot among the Kingsguard.

    Current Members:Ser Arthur Dayne - Lord Commander of the Kingsguard, Leader of the Swords of the Seven

    The Knights of the Seven

    These are warriors who have taken the trials of Knighthood, completing three tests. A test of loyalty. A test of strength. And a test of faith.
    When all three tests have been successfully passed, a Knight earns the title of “Ser” and becomes a full member of the Swords of the Seven.

    Squires of the Seven

    A squire is a warrior who unlike a Knight, has not proven himself as a warrior of the Seven, but has earned the recognition of the clan as a prospect. Those who are interested in joining the clan and have failed the three tests of Knighthood can enlist as a squire. They will be assigned a Knight Master (mentor) who will tutor them in the ways of strength, loyalty, and faith, that will ultimately prepare them to take the test again.

    The Three Tests of Knighthood

    Strength is really all three tests, but in regard to the strength test, we refer to your sole strength. This is a test of combat skill, one on one combat between three Knights of the Seven. To pass this test, you must be victorious against one of the three.

    A scrimmage is prepared, or perhaps a pub match with a mentor or Kingsguard member, where you will be evaluated not for your kills, but for your ability to support your team. Did you run off and try to earn kills, or did you stand to protect your fellow man?

    Last, but not least, this is an interview held with one of the officers. It consists of telling us why you want to join the Seven Swords. It does not have to be done over voice, it can be done in IMs, on steam, PM, or email. This is where you try to convince us, that you have the same goals, and aim to see the same values we uphold, to become a member of the Seven.

    **What Can You Expect?

    A dedicated team that will support you, better you, and will always have your back. We are a community where every man is welcomed so long as they are able to respect their fellow players, friend and foe alike. We will also be readying ourselves for clan competitions among other player events. If you believe that Chivalry is not dead, then this is the place for you. Join us, and fight by our side.

    PM Ser Arthur Dayne for more details, or add “Ser Arthur Dayne of Starfall” on steam and send him an IM. Alternatively, you may post questions and feedback below!

  • It really cuts the Mustard tbh.

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    It really cuts the Mustard tbh.

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