CMW.exe, UDK.exe, CDW.exe has stopped working

  • Hi guys, I recently purchased Chivalry complete with DLC because the amounts of steam, but unfortunately after downloading I found a huge problem, just start the game, which is x32 or x64 the game crashes giving me the fateful error "CMW. exe has stopped working "I have tried all the solutions that we are on the forum, but the game keeps crashing, I checked all the updates of my computer and it’s totally clean, now I ask you more experienced people, can you help me to open the game ? I would like to try it with all my heart but this problem persists and makes me 'never want to own it in my list steam, almost to the point of requesting a refund, I hope for your reply and I hope to help me to finally open chivalry, I leave here following the dxdig and log the launch, I thank you and wish you health and prosperity, brave knights.


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