Fix the friend icons

  • On most of the community made maps the friend markers either stick to your crosshair or refuse to work completely, can be really disorienting to play with friends if you don’t know their customization or have comms and takes up screen space should it stick to your crosshair.

    EDIT: This bug has been in the game since the map competition, probably no hope of it getting fixed then.

  • yep, pretty annoying. the only way to get rid of it is to reconnect. strange how it only happens on the community maps.

  • I’m still curious as to why there’s no HUD for friend icons only, really annoying that I need the objective icons to be on to see where my friends are at.

  • and why do they need to be jumbo size? especially when the HUD scaling and opacity doesn’t work. planetside 2 team marker size would be good.

  • Yeah HUD markers are a bit too fat for my taste.

  • I never understood why HUD markers don’t scale properly based on distance. Those damn indicators are huge and annoying especially in recent maps full of thingies to burn/protect. I don’t want to resize the HP/stam bars but those markers make aiming projectiles kinda hard.

    I’ve also noticed the weapon icons in the kill feed have been changed, and they look really thin like they were scaled at 80% width. It’s hard to tell the different swords apart (I’m playing at 1080p btw).

  • Scaling the hud down to 50% is neat, except that I can’t read the text for ants in the chat.

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