Knights of Valor [RECRUITING] (EU clan)

  • Hey there guys! Me and a couple of my steam buddies just created a new clan and we are looking for some good players.

    How to join:

    • You have to be ATLEAST level 15
      (unless we think you are good enough)

    -Add me or neeked to ask for a trial (links to our steam are on the bottom of this page)

    How we decide if you can join:
    A lobby will be setup for this, it will be a 1v1 duel.
    We will let you fight against 2-3 of our best members.
    After the fight we (the “founders”) will decide if you are good enough.

    When you join the clan you will be on a 3 week trial to see if things go well (i.e if you’re a nice person, if you are online alot etc).
    After those 3 weeks you will be an Official member of ҠѺV

    I hope we can make this clan work!

    Good luck in your trials!

    Steam recruiter links:

    1. Neeked :
    2. Anon :

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