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  • Hey there fellows!

    Welcome to my forge of workshop items. I’ve been around for a long time, though practicing my skills on 3D modelling and I think getting feedback for your stuff is some way to go for learning and practice! Hopefully you will like the stuff I do and I will try to be smart and do stuff that at least a portion of you likes.

    Now as a first item to begin with we have something to be more like the “Evil Footman” or the Men at Arms of chivalry. This helmet is for the Mason MAA, to bring that AoC feeling back and to give Mason a bit of an adversary to the Agatha Assault helmet.

    The first drawing of the helmet.

    and the model, with some poor textures! :dread:

    Used these images for a bit of reference. The thought process was to create something Mason’ish though not too heavy, trying to be basic still keeping style.

  • Hey there!

    Here is the photos.

    Reference Images:

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