Server BUG - Cannot connect to server, browser reports players, no players in game.

  • This seems to be happening a lot and not sure of the cause. I open the game and join my server and it just sits in the Information loading screen, never gets to the actual loading screen and never connects. I open my server Control Panel and it shows that there is 1 current player but a blank space where there should be a player name, score, ping.

    I cancel the connection in game, go back to the server browser to the Kila Thunderdome and now see one more connected but in my remote server control panel, no one is connected. I change map via Chiv RCON tool and that seems to resolve the issue temporarily as long as I am manually changing maps but not always. Sometimes I have to reboot the server and the empty player slot will go away. Other have also reported that they cannot join the server when the server is reporting a false positive for players.

    In addition when there is a false positive of a player in game and the map rotates, it is disconnecting players and they cannot rejoin as the Information screen appears.

    On a side note: I have posted many bugs and problems and there seems to be no response. What gives?

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