Togglehud command causes weird stuttering

  • While in-game. Using the “togglehud” command causes weird stuttering when either in spectate mode or playing. This wasn’t the case in the past. Is there any way to fix this? This could just be on my end though. But it’s kind of a big problem as it makes video production of any kind a bit shit. :neglected:

    Hope to get an answer soon,


    UPDATE: Here’s an example video. I think it has to do with the objective markers in-game

    First I spectate normally, no console commands. Then I disable the HUD with the camera on the objective marker (causing it to glitch and stay on the screen).
    Then I disable the hud with the camera away from the objective marker and then the stuttering starts to kick in. Finally I bring the hud back and the stuttering stops immediately.

  • Anyone? Please? :[

  • Tested out various things as well as asked other people if they were having the same issue. No luck, it seems to be on my end but I can’t figure out what is causing it. :nonchalance:

  • Bump.

    Reinstalled the game, didn’t help. This is seriously fucked.

  • Developer

    Noted, thanks.

    For now though, I’d suggest using
    drawgfx 0

    Instead of togglehud. This totally disables the Scaleform renderer, so that bug where objective markers get stuck on the screen also won’t happen.

  • Thanks for looking into it, appreciate it!

    And thanks for the console command tip! The stuttering however is still present when using “drawgfx 0” seems like. I can work around it for the time being by having just an inch of the objective on screen and removing it in post. But it’s not optimal.


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