Weird issue here.

  • Hey guys,

    I am having a problem in game. Randomly, everyone will just glitch out, run in one direction or freeze, and then warp back into place. It happens for a few seconds, all the time. What could cause this? Can’t be lag, as my connection is fine, ping is normal too. This is playing on local servers. Any help appreciated, cheers!

  • This happens occasionally on online servers as well. I have no idea why it is but it is more noticeable when it’s many players on the server in my experience. I think it’s server sided, very annoying bug. Should be looked into

  • Thats a lag spike, also known as rubberbanding. I havent experienced it in this game, but I have in others. It’s usually caused by an update of some sort, or by your Internet connection failing.

  • It’s constant throughout in every game now though. It’s actually making it kind of painful to play. It freezes everything for like 5-10 seconds, and mostly happens every 20-30 seconds, or up to a minute. I could be about to hit someone, and again. I wonder why, I don’t have anything downloading, or whatnot. Ping is always 50-60 too. Hmm.

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