Chivalry Medieval Warfare Marathon Summer League


    Hello all,
    Commander Guts here, currently in charge of the Marathon League. At this time I would like to open up Registration for the Summer Marathon League, we will take all new comer clans and older experience clans. Due to current tournament this weekend, we will delay the games by a week. Games will be WEEK of, not necessarily the day pending Streamers, Refs and teams approval. Each team will play 4 games. Each game will have 3 events. Kendo 3v3 will be non-scored and determine sides, the first side you pick for TO will be your team for the remainder of the events. Team objective will be first with 6v6, 2nd event will be LTS 8v8, and the final event will be CTF 8v8. Should an event be tied, we will then enter Champion duel for sudden death to determine the winner. Maps for week of, will be predetermined once FINAL team has registered. This Sunday, June 28th will be the last day to register. However, should a team drop out, we will also accept a standby team to take over.

    At this time Please register your Team name, Commanders and roster. North America only at this time.
    Roster may change as the season progresses, please update when you are able.

    At this time I would like to officially recruit any Refs and Streamers we could use you.

    I know many of you are wondering what happens at the end? After the 4th match we tally points, top 8 will proceed, if there are more than 8 that tied for the top 8. They will play for their spot in the play offs and so on into the finals.

    Finals are estimated Sunday September 5th (Might push it to the week after).

    Keep in mind a match of the 3 events can take up to 3 hours, punctuality counts.

    As for prizes, it is currently TBD, I am going to try to get a hold of the server providers to see if they are willing to sponser the league for some sort of prize.

    We have room for 32 teams, and realistically may only hit 16 teams. Please let me know if you can help out. I’ll take what help I can.

    Format of match:

    Kendo 3v3 (2mins)
    TO Stoneshill 6v6 (1hr)
    LTS Best of 15 8v8 (30-45mins)
    CTF Best of 7 8v8 (20mins)


    – Each team will have a commander, he or she will be the representative of the team. There may only be one commander at a time. However, commanders may change for different events
    – Keep language clean, no salty talk, no trolls, no trash talk. You will be given one warning before being disqualified from the rest of the match.
    – Every team is given a total of 5 minutes of pause time during the match. This spans across the 3 events. There will also be a 2 minutes of pause time inbetween each event to change loadouts, replace players, or most important of all, go to the restroom.
    – Ping must be controlled at all times. Max ping will be 200, and if it jumps above that, you can use your pause time(5mins), to either fix the latency problems, or get a replacement.
    – Should any of the rules be broken, players will be kicked for the remainder of the match. The penalized team will not however be disqualified and will be given the chance to replace the offending player pending referee and opposite team commanders’ approval.
    – 2 mercs max. However, under certain circumstances and approval of the referee and opposite teams’ commander, you can have 3.
    – The 50% rule still applies. 4 is the max of any class with the exception of the archer with a max of 2.
    – Each winner per event will gain points. Winner of 2 events will be declared the victor.
    – Should a team tie with CTF/LTS or TO/LTS wins on both sides and a tie on TO or with CTF, a champion duel will determine the final point of the match and the winning team.
    – Halftime breaks of 5 minutes will occur pending referee’s, team commanders’, and streamers’ agreement.
    – Be ready for long TO matches that may take up to an hour. CTF matches will be a max of 20 minutes, or best of 7 scores. LTS will be 3 minutes per round best of 15 rounds.
    – Duel will be sudden death with a time of 2 minutes.
    – Kendo will be a 3v3, and will determine TO/LTS/CTF sides.
    – All maps will be pre-determined.
    – Players may change/swap per event if on clan/merc roster.
    – No quitting of the event until the streamers are able to screen shot match stats.

    Sample match ups^

    Also posted on the Subreddit

    Love you,
    Commander Guts of Hell-ish

    Confirmed Teams
    1. Hell-ish
    2. Fight Club
    3. [UnderDogs]
    4. Syndicate
    5. Imprisoned
    6. Genesis
    7. Hyperion
    8. 9th
    9. The Club ♣ (standby team)

    First Game
    6v6 Dark Forest TO
    8v8 Moor LTS
    8v8 Moor CTF

    Match ups for week of
    July 05-July 11th
    Hell-ish vs Fight Club
    July 5th 4 pm PST/7 pm EST
    -Äx- vs Syndicate
    Undetermined at this time
    July 12th -July 18th
    Imprisoned vs Genesis
    Undetermined at this time
    The Club ♣ vs Hyperion
    Undetermined at this time
    9th Infantry vs Rangers
    Undetermined at this time

    I will update if by the end of the day if we have more teams signed up. :) Let everyone know. This is for all clans. Also if you are already up here^, get in contact with the teams and set up a preferred date within your time frame. And let me know what you guys decide on so we can get a streamer/ref for your match. Thanks guys.

    **Edit:we will still accept entries until July 3rd, but you will be put into a standby team until we have enough standby teams to accommodate enough teams to compete evenly with each other. :)
    Love ya again-
    Commander Guts

  • Team Hell-ish
    Team Leaders: Rekwan, Commander Guts, Incognito, Jester
    Team roster:
    **Emperor †Hell-ish | Rekwan
    *General †Hell-ish | Commander Guts
    *Lord †Hell-ish | Gladius Ares(Incognito)
    *Lord †Hell-ish | Jester
    †Hell-ish | Sergeant Gaston
    †Hell-ish | Skillful Hands
    †Hell-ish | Moo
    †Hell-ish | Lord_of_Death
    †Hell-ish | Red Trauma
    †Hell-ish | Robin Hood
    †Hell-ish | Ticklemycow
    †Hell-ish | Eevee
    †Hell-ish | Charles
    †Hell-ish | Park Ranger Steve
    †Hell-ish | Fetus
    †Hell-ish | Wraith
    †Hell-ish | Muaru
    †Hell-ish | Eddie Would Go
    †Hell-ish | Uldon
    †Hell-ish | Master Guy

  • Is this a Mercs Mod tourney?

  • It is indeed!

  • Is there really only one clan signed up for this the day before signup ends xD

  • Check the reddit. All clans registered there.^ Faster/easier to use.

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