Robin Hood Archers Competition & Skins pack

  • I would like to suggest to the community and Torn Banner Studio’s that a Robin Hood themed competition
    would be well received in Chivalry. Why even skins /customs of green complete with pointy green hats.
    Masks also, why the skin pack could also have arrows with green feathers in a green pouch?

    Look at all those great Robin Hood movies and series’s , are they not infact in medieval times also TB?
    This competition could be the introduction to the Robin Hood type skins to follow later on. Only usable
    in FFA modes, as you know which is a more or less freestyle of dress code for players of imagination.

    I am sure many would jump at the chance to purchase such Robin Hood type skins and themes TB
    later on you could even add some Robin hood messages in the chat system , sherwood forest etc.

    Who was your best Robin Hood Actor.?

  • good idea tbh

  • Knights can spot more shades of green Mr Tyoson hehe. I’ve been watching Fargo, fantastic series tbh.
    I would put forward such a competition could be a very large ffa in rounds of elimination down to the
    final ffa to a fanfare of announcements.

  • Idea already in work=)

  • I was thinking of making the most finely crafted,deadly looking Heavy Crossbow imagineable. One that looks so bad ass,that it’s a must buy for any archer in chiv and then dedicate it to the fine people on this forum. I would call it, “Thread of a million tears”

    I do have 2 weeks vacation time coming up :)

  • Developer

    Interesting idea Loin. True story: my British side is from Nottingham. Best Robin Hood was fat angry Robin Hood aka Russell Crowe.

  • Cary Elwes best Robin Hood tbh.

  • What about some mood music for the phony king of England John
    The last robin hood movie I watched was just a few months back with Mr Crowe… Also I have not seen
    Cary Elwes in Robin hood , is that a new movie?

  • Can’t go wrong with the classic Eroll Flynn. Though my personal favorite is Jonas Armstrong.

    Robin Hood is directly responsible for why I bought games like chivalry and war of the roses (r.i.p.)

  • Oh yes he was in princess bride one of my fav movies. I will try to by that Robin hood on ebay now thx.
    You know I started to watch Jonas Armstrong a while back but decided to save it for xmas this year
    as I do with many boxsets for the xmas period in a long marathon of viewing.

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