My New Place Might be Haunted

  • So yeah…

    A few strange things have occurred since I moved into my new apartment.

    1. I found a piece of moldy steak in my bathroom sink, along with grease. My bedroom (with the bathroom in it) is not near the kitchen at all. And no, I did not do drugs or get drunk by myself.

    2. Random Youtube videos begin playing at night. I walk out into the living room to see who’s talking, and I find a completely random Youtube video playing. This has happened twice. I only use that particular computer for work, and I always close the browser. The fact that they begin playing randomly is weird.

    3. There was a piece of paper wrapped around one of the door knobs in my place, as if to mask the knob while painting the door- this points to maintenance, of course.

    Either maintenance is coming into my place during the day, unannounced with their own key (which is illegal) or my place is fucking haunted by a ghost that likes watching Youtube, painting, and eating steak.

    I’m not a superstitious person. If anything, it’s maintenance coming in and working while I’m not there during the day. That, or someone besides me if living here that I’m not aware of.

  • At least your place has maintenance people who come around. The Youtube thing is weird though.

    My place is infested with spiders that make scraping sounds. Big bastards. Fast too. Completely harmless and they eat all the other big bastard spiders that are filled with poison. Even so a spiders rightful place is outside.

  • Have you sacrificed any goats/virgins lately? If the answer is no, I recommend finding a virgin goat immediately and sending it to Yahwey.

  • The ghost is doing maintenance for you, and for free? Its a gud ghost tbh, he only wants to watch youtube in exchange for his hard work on your apartment

  • look for the loose floorboards. You never know what is hidden under them.

  • It was steak in the bathroom sink.

    It was a piece of the former tenant.

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