This game is broken on mac.

  • why does it say it is for mac when it doesn’t work? a lot of people have the same issue. the problem is that us mac users open the game then it says it is not responding and stays on the loading screen where it shows the controls. is there a fix?

  • I haven’t been able to pin point the issue because it is more than one issue with Macs. Sadly a lot of them do not have the hardware specs to really pull it off specially anyone on an iMac or laptop. Not only do they suffer the same as most all players do on laptops, there seems to be something not working when tweaking the INI files. You can try my INI tweaks and there is also that very minimal Runescape INI tweak.

    Have you tried running the 32 bit version or the safemode version? If you can actually get to the menu screen, try: scale_lowend in the console and make sure you have everything, graphic settings, sound settings turned all the way down or off. Make sure you have the latest Nvida drivers and drivers across the board updated. Also make sure that your game resolution does not exceed your monitor resolution. This can happen sometimes and lock up the game. If you have an Nvidia card, make sure that DSR is off so that Chiv does not default to a larger resolution.

    If any of these help just to get the game running, then you can slowly turn up the graphic settings and see if you can find the culprit. I know this can be painstaking but it is really the only way.

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