US West LTS Servers

  • Why are there two US west official LTS servers (#14 and #15) that are always automatically set to duel mode on castle assault? Are they just fake official servers? There’s already an official duel server that is rarely full and there isn’t a single west coast LTS server (other than one official rank 0-30 server, bad idea increasing the upper limit in low ranks btw) since the old one seems to have been turned into an official giant slayers server for some reason. If they are actually official it seems like a waste of two servers because no one is ever in them.

  • They’re probably just misconfigured. Thanks for the heads up.

  • I’m pretty sure they’ve been like that for at least half a year if not longer haha, but cool it’ll be nice to have some LTS on the west coast again.

  • Well now the servers are just gone. At least they were LTS for like a day before disappearing. I guess TB just doesn’t want us to be able to play LTS over here :(

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