CMW Broken? Please help

  • Hi, I was playing CMW earlier today, game was working fine no problems. Have gone to play now and no servers are showing. There is also no text showing on the main screen on the right hand side. Have tried a few fixes which I have found on steam, however no avail :(. Any help would be great, thanks.

  • Right-click chivalry on your steam library and choose ‘properties’ it will popup a window, under the ‘Local’ tab click on “Verify integrity”.
    Steam will scan your game installation files, and will auto-download and repair any corrupted file, it will repair your game instalation.
    try that.

  • The in-game server browser for Chivalry has always been quite botched and shoddy. The best advice I can suggest here is to use the Steam server browser by right clicking the Steam icon in the task bar and selecting servers.

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