Reverence: FPS Melee with Total Control over Your Movements

  • Almost 2 years ago, I posted here to get feedback on my prototype for a fps melee concept where you have total control of your arm movement (TACMA). Now after a lot of hard work I just launched the Kickstarter for Reverence: The Ultimate Combat Experience, with a system to offer complete control intuitively. Please check out the video and let me know what you think:

    I’d be happy to answer any questions too!

  • It looks quite good imo, will pm op over weekend tbh.

  • Thanks Loin!

  • New feature video on jiggle physics and total hand control

  • If my fortune is good on the bay soon, a small boost could come in your ks direction tbh

  • @loin:

    If my fortune is good on the bay soon, a small boost could come in your ks direction tbh

    $10,000 donation.

  • If I had that kind of spare cash, it would be done tbh, as many kickstarter thingys I tend to back or add to favs.
    Not sure of the enemy of man though it looked like they took the bread and had a blast at the casino’s hehe.

  • Reverence funded! 5 hours left, last chance

  • Most of the project was funded by 2 people lol. Someone did the $2500 option and someone else the $1000 option. Which I think is quite well done. On larger projects you often don’t see those options that are over $1000 getting anybody.

    Though you are calling them producers lol. A big role that usually involves overseeing the entire game. They are external as well as being specialised. An executive associate producer maybe? I may have just made a new role. Still what my main point is about is what these guys can put on their CVs. Saying they were real game producers when they weren’t.

  • Had the bay not been so quiet due to the hot weather my level of backing would be higher tbh. Plebs don’t want to buy
    pc parts then they can roll about on the beech and cook like apples under the sun? Potential kickstarters note this,
    Winter and bad weather is the best time to be on kickstarter or the bay as its 4 fold more viewers and buyers.

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