Basic problems

  • I have played around 500 hours of Deadliest Warrior now, and enjoy it alot, however I feel that the servers are getting progressively worse due to the lack of basic maintenance and attention, up to the point where some servers feel unplayable. In addition to this no additions or updates have been made to the DLC since i have started playing and this is a real shame due to the potential this game has. In my opinion Torn Banner really need to do something to improve the current state of the game, I mean how hard is it to implement a few more weapons or maps that are already present in Medieval Warfare? Many people may just say “play MW then” but many people prefer the mechanics and fast paced gameplay of DW.

    Torn Banner please do something to revive DW, get off your lazy arses and do something productive for a change, or even sell this game on to another business that will be better than your own awful standards, rather than just milking money off the game.

  • @atr00p:

    I have played around 500 hours of Deadliest Warrior now

    wow what a waste

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