Some other Chivalry Game Modes

  • You have seen my first idea here

    I suggest some other Idea’s written here by me a while ago but not mentioned yet. As follows

    Red Rain
    A team of Knights start at bottom of hill
    Ascend up to first part of hill
    while a Team of Archers shoot down
    bodkin arrows or any wooden arrows.
    no map scenery to hide behind a clear
    run up grassed hill or stone floored.

    no ammo replacement for Archers
    choose shots carefully.

    Second part of hill Knights must ascend while Archers fire down
    Crossbolts from heavy arrows.
    no ammo replacement

    If the Knights get into the last stage a large throne room.
    The must defeat the Archer King who has a Crossbow
    but has the extra armour of a Knight.

    His defenders in the hall are all to be Archers with just spears and shields.
    Archers do not have melee capabile butter knifes to be consider by TB etc.

    The Hall of Knights:
    A Knight starts the journey through each part.
    I suggest a marble floor with no obstacles.
    walls full of Knight portraits who have passed
    through before to find fame and glory with honour etc.
    A lush map of luxury but with nothing on its floor to aid smooth play.

    As The Knight starts his first foe is another Knight stepping in to fight him.

    The hall should have about 3 or more Knights in the hall walk for him to fight
    one after another. Even up to 7. A more advanced version could have him fighting 2 foes at once
    in its closing stage.

    A sword only mode map of 2handed ie Sow or Longsword chosen at start but not changable in map.

    Health bar can be longer at the start for the Knight starting his walk through the Hall of Knights.
    Health does not regenerate.

    Or His health would be normal but If he is killed (not killed to respawn but healthbar emptied
    by his opponent then it is regenerated plus
    his foe is removed to spawn or further down
    the hall to fight him again. The Knight completing this Hall will simply have a minus 10 points
    taken off his score at the end of challenge for each time he is killed.

    The idea would be for a Knight to speedily complete the Hall of Knights, Kill as many Knights
    as posible, while not being killed (minus 10 points) . Infact high scores of kills and times
    completed could be stuck on the servers Tab scores of fame etc.

    Lastly a mode for completion across a smokefilled room of vans charging at you.
    with kill the vanguard king at its conclusion , still being thought out or suggestions welcome imo.

    For the community, Torn Banner and Playerhayter to be considered in ChivI or ChivII

  • I would also like to suggest a mod maker of skins and hats? Could with TB’s permission
    make a Gold hat version of one of its hats. Or even TB allowing Such players who reached
    or passed level 50 to have the option of changing any hat colour to gold
    in the custom menu. Esp when you consider how many Knights hats some
    of us have purchased. ( all in my case ) plus sword skins to date.

    Actually ps or Even call it a gold buy for level 50’s only which adds gold colour to customising
    of hats in menu. Kind of like an unlock gold colour tin eg

  • Zombie game mode…

    General Firefly leaves stage left. Standing ovation

  • some kind of medieval version of UT2004 Bombing Run would be cool.

  • Developer

    Neat ideas Loin! Red Rain sounds crazy.

  • Why thank you MrPlayerhayter, I am sure some of you specialists could improve on the concepts. Either TB plus or,
    some fiendishly clever map/mod maker or even together as a joint venture in to new modes. In the hall of knights
    I bet a few legendary Knights could get through it killing 7 or more Knights in world record times without dieing aye.
    Very competitive those Knights are you know.

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