• Anyone else have issues with their admin? He seem’s to just kick and ban people without warning. Why would they give admin to someone like that? Rude if you ask me.


  • I suggest try to find the server owner plus you know, its possible the admins login was left as default. I read
    that somewhere on this site about server owners who don’t know about passwords and changing them.

  • Possible that he is the server owner.

  • Don’t play on some angry 12-year-old’s server tbh.

  • Apparenly I’ve been banned from it for a while now… Probably permanently… Which sucks, because I didn’t do a damn thing. I just wanted to play with the lightsabers…

  • Stilicho is his name, I went to add him as a friend to ask why, and apparently he even fking blocked me… I don’t get why some people who play this game are just utter jerks…

  • I don’t know how they work but can’t you simply become a subscriber to the mod and setup a single player or offline game?
    Another mod was mana warfare , I hear that was good also its a chivalry mod with magic and plasma bombs?

  • Ah interesting I had no idea. However, it seems as if someone has seen this thread and literally made me my own server for laserswords? Lmfao. I literally load the server list today and see “BIG DADDY SAVAGES VERY OWN SERVER” O.o.

    Thanks whoever did it! You’re awesome. Lmao! Everyone is welcome to join and play!! :D

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