The Exploiter's guide to chivalry.

  • So you may’ve seen that other thread. But there’s tons of map exploits around the place. Rather image heavy.

    Went to cove first. The support beams on the thatched roof have collision. Don’t even need pavise.

    Can get into Mason spawn. Didn’t help much considering everyone who was doing it was also mason.

    FFA next and well the walls lie.

    Big space to walk around in.

    Go under the castle.

    Stab people through the floor While under the castle. One way floors.

    Get bored of cheating and enjoy the ocean views.

    Go for a swim in the ocean

    Like actually.

    Can’t reach the ship though. Nor can you get to the first stage. You suddenly remember to drown when you get close.

    Drunken bazaar has some walls that lie too.

    On Agatha’s far right flank on the first stage of Irilla, Treb or Ram attack there’s this cart the Agathians can stand behind getting a billion points.

    I had wondered where half the server had got to.

    Feydrid Escaped. Dunno how.

    Then we tried to escape the map. Which went well.

    Setting him on fire didn’t work either.

    Got bored of that and found some form of organisation. On a 44 player server of all things.

    They were getting impatient. Old Feydrid left and we got a new one. At least that feature works.

    Then this happened.

    The Bastards managed to escape after all.

  • Most of these are getting fixed next patch lol.

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