Chivalry Arena Games coming soon

  • Hey everybody!

    We would just like to share that around end July we are making a sign-up post for the Chivalry Arena Games.

    You can already join our steam group:

    When the sign-ups are posted we will share all the details.

  • Could you explain more about what this is?

  • I am a bit limited on what i can release for the moment, but the gamemode will be LTS.
    There are no prizes but there will be a live-stream with play-by-play commentary.

  • The fact is that give and take is an unknown concept by the modern plebs. In my day when mentioned by groups
    or other communities it was a duplex system. Now days you know most of the new wave groups/communities
    don’t even acknowledge a mention or a complement given by another. This is why so many so called modern
    new wave societies fail in gaming. The only respect they have is what they can get and at no cost imo.

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