How do i disable weapons?

  • ok… so i have seen this on other servers, the server will have certain stuff disabled, like fire pots, knives, axes, bows, etc…
    how do i configure this? the configuration files aren’t really intuitive at all

  • I only know of class restrictions e.g. limits on numbers of archers/vg/knights etc., which is part of the pcserverudkgame.ini

    As far as limiting specific weapons, I think the only way or doing this is via mods

  • Hmm, i swear i have seen certain weapons disabled like this on unmodded servers

    also, another question, how do i set my servers start map? it’s a ffa server, but no matter what i do i cant seem to set what map it starts on… which happens to be a capture flag map… the map list shows all FFA maps, so after the first map is gone it’s all ffa from there on, but i want it to show up as a FFA server should it crash/restart

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